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Head to the Mountains | Down This Road |I'm Coming Home | Know It's Christmas | No Difference

We'll Be There By Morning | When You Love Someone | Alaska (The Last Frontier)

Hello friends! I hope everyone is doing well.
Thanks for checking out my site! My new CD
is finally here and available! This project was
recorded in Nashville over a period of several
months. I worked with a top notch producer
and a wonderful array of musicians. I am eager
for you to listen to this album as it highlights my
own works. Songwriting is truly a magical
process that I find incredibly exciting. To have
an audience in the Los Angeles area request
my music is quite gratifying and rewarding. I
am humbled by the response to my own tunes.
Thanks! "I'm Coming Home" is available
through my Products Page or through
Check it out! Thanks.

As a way of showing my support and
appreciation to our armed forces, I have
donated several copies of "I'm Coming Home"
to our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. These
brave young men and women valiantly defend
our great country so that we may live freely.
Some may disagree entirely with this war and
its purpose. Nevertheless, the troops require
our support and prayers as they are deployed
and live daily in the combat theatre. It is my
hope that they will be "coming home" soon.
I admire their service and dedication.

"Down This Road"......what a year it's been so far....concerts in Florida....California...a new CD....corporate shows...a concert in the heart of the Allegheny mountains...a digital piano and a baby grand! I will be adding keyboard to many of my upcoming shows. Stay tuned. This fall I will return to Doylestown, PA....a venue that feels like home. What great acoustics! I'll "wrap" up the year in Haddonfield, New Jersey and their terrific First Night celebration. Hope to see you at one of these shows.

If you are aware of a concert series, festival, fair, coffeehouse where I may share my music, please let me know. I am continually looking for venues in which I can perform. Thanks for your unending support of my musical endeavors. I certainly appreciate it. Thanks for listening. Enjoy the music...

"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."
~Aldous Huxley
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