Christopher Westfall in Concert

Seven Points Amphitheater
Raystown Lake, PA
July 26, 2008

 Concert Review: "Heading To The Mountains"

           On July 26, 2008, singer/songwriter and Nashville recording artist Christopher Westfall performed an outstanding three hour concert at the beautiful Seven Points Amphitheater at Raystown Lake, PA.  Seven Points proved to be the ideal setting for this troubadour to weave his magic, surrounded by the beautiful Allegheny Mountains and the scenic lake.  This was Westfall's fifth appearance at Seven Points.  He opened the show with his version of "Trail of Tears", and included some rarely heard gems such as "Shipmates and Cheyenne" and "Love Is The Master".  Westfall performed his versions of many songs, some of which he has recorded such as "Running River", an energetic country song that is currently enjoying nationwide airplay.  This master truly shines on the songs that he has written himself, such as "Heading To The Mountains", which is the title track of his latest CD.  Westfall is virtually a one-man band, playing a potpourri of six and twelve string guitars, as well as piano on-stage.  While performing "Run For The Roses" on piano, a gentle gust of wind blew his sheet music onto the stage floor - Westfall was unaffected and completed the song flawlessly.  Another high point in the show was "When You Love Someone", a song written by Westfall which entwines a beautiful melody with outstanding lyrics from the heart.  His songs mirror life, and take the listener along on a journey that is both thought provoking and enjoyable.  The balladeer shines on-stage, easily switching between his many instruments - although his finest instrument is certainly his voice.  Westfall is a virtuoso, and needs no accompaniment.  His stories between the songs are humorous, and touching - allowing a peek into his life and inspirations.  A rare treat was his performance of "The Waking Of The Day", a powerful instrumental tune on twelve string guitar that he wrote.

           With so many wonderful original songs, such as "I'm Coming Home", "Alaska (The Last Frontier)", and "When You Love Someone", Westfall's gift is very apparent.  It makes one wonder...where are the great songwriters of today?  Who is writing the songs that will endure, and be memorable and relevant for years to come?  After seeing this tunesmith in concert, and enjoying the Westfall experience, there is no doubt in my mind - it is Christopher Westfall!

                                                                                   Charles Paschal
                                                                                   Archdale, NC

First Night Haddonfield
Haddonfield, New Jersey
December 31, 2007

Concert Review:

            For the past ten years, Haddonfield, New Jersey has been welcoming in the New Year with their First Night Celebration.  Each year they offer a variety of entertainment for all ages.  One of their most impressive and talented entertainers has been singer, songwriter, and musician Christopher Westfall.  Chris has been performing stellar shows throughout the evening to ever-growing, enthusiastic and standing-room only audiences.  This year proved to be no exception.

            An extremely versatile performer, Westfall weaves his artistry in three shows throughout the evening.  Each show is comprised of a variety of recognizable songs, songs of the season, and his own original pieces.  Throughout his performances, this troubadour shifts effortlessly from various guitars and piano, equally impressive on all of them.  However, clearly, his consummate instrument is his voice!  Christopher has an impeccably textured voice that resonates throughout the church! When you hear this minstrel sing live, he even outshines his own CDs!  In this age of recording technology, seldom does that happen.  He  proves to be a prolific songwriter with tunes such as “I’m Coming Home”, “We’ll Be There by Morning”,  “Alaska (The Last Frontier)” or “Headin’ To The Mountains”  – all songs you’ll  either find yourself remembering or humming long after the show is over.  In fact, several Westfall originals have been receiving radio play across the country. Between songs, his banter helps to foster a relationship with his audience and make him even more engaging.  Chris has grown and developed into one of the most definitive artists around!

            A key to a great performance and concert is to entertain and, perhaps, for just that moment in time, escape from all the troubles of the outside world.  Christopher Westfall, a seasoned professional, does just that.  With his melodic voice, engaging personality, energy and passion for the music, he brings his audience along for the ride.  If you get the chance to see Chris perform, don’t miss it – it will be a memorable evening of music from this multitalented artist!
                                                                                    Suzanne Rose
                                                                                    Carlisle, PA

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