Press Kit Quotes
"We were blown away to hear Chris' music for the first time. Thousands more need to hear this singer / songwriter. When they do, they're in for a real treat."
~Dan Hollis, WRNJ Radio, Hackettstown, NJ

"Christopher Westfall is a gifted writer, musician, and vocalist. I highly recommend him as an entertainer and would have him back for future engagements."
~Gina Puccinelli, Hyatt Corporation, Monterey, CA

"With disciplined musicianship, polished vocals, and a warm personable stage presence, Chris brings the audience an engrossing musical experience. We have had more requests for the return of Christopher than any other artist."
~Mike Manton, Gwynedd Friends Coffeehouse, Gwynedd, PA

"Chris, thanks for your excellent appearance at last Saturday's show. Your performance was masterful and you genuinely impressed the crowd. This might be forward of me and somewhat in the future, but we would love to book you for a return engagement. Thanks again for a great evening."
~John Irving, TV 30 Cafe Improv, Princeton, NJ

"Wit...humor....sparkling personality....and he sings like an angel. He's welcome back here."
~Bob Stane, Coffee Gallery Backstage, Altadena, California

"Folk singers are like eagles. They never flock. You find them one at a time. It's time for a new singer to emerge in American music. We are so ready. Do you know the candidate? I do"
~Bruce Hodges, WBRJ 98.1, Blue Ridge Country Galax, VA
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